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8 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Bad Mood

A bad mood is something that every person experiences once in a while or maybe more. The stress of being in a bad mood and the frustration for not being able to snap out of it is something we all have felt. Sometimes it’s a situation that triggers anger. 

From lack of sleep to work pressure or exhaustion, mental and physical, whatever be the reason, no one likes to feel the way they do when they are in such a mood.  Being in a bad mood affects you and makes the people around you vulnerable to your frustration.  

The situation may only get worse if you sit and wait for your mood to lift itself. You need to take steps to feel better. Whatever we feel inside are the results of what is happening outside our mind and body.

Hence, it is crucial to know the reason behind your bad mood and acknowledge it.  When you recognize your issue, you take the first step to get out of a bad mood. 

Following are the nine ways to get out of a bad mood: 

1. Shift Your Perspective

When you are in a bad mood, you are most likely to see things and situations negatively. To make yourself feel better, it is essential to focus on shifting your perspective from a pessimist to an optimist. You can do this by practicing meditation for anxiety. When you look at the brighter side of everything, you understand that your life has so many reasons to be happy about. Even the fact that you are alive and breathing is a reason to be happy every day. You will be more grateful for this life and continue your day in a  good mood. 

2. Take A Break

Whenever you find yourself in a bad mood, take a break from whatever you are doing by doing a short 2 minutes breathing exercise. Sometimes workload takes a toll on us, making us frustrated and stressed, eventually putting us in a bad mood. You can take a nap by doing a quick meditation for sleep, going for a walk, or doing something creative during your break. This will help you unwind and relax your mind to a large extent. Taking a break from work will also help you become more productive when you resume. It is essential to take time for yourself to keep your mood in check.

3. Practice A Hobby

It is a perfect time to brush up on your hobbies when you are in a bad mood, as it helps you reconnect to yourself. It also reminds you of when you started this hobby or why you like it in the first place. Acknowledging such small happy things will help you lose that stress and get creative with yourself. Doing this will help you get out of a bad mood and bring out your creative side amidst all the stress.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation allows you to know your feelings and emotions and enable them to pass rather than hold onto them. It may also help regulate your reactions to negative situations or circumstances. You will feel more relieved and light after doing mindful meditation as it clears your head.  

5. Eat Your Favourite Comfort Food

Eating can be an effective stress buster and does not harm if done in a controlled manner. Whether it be ice cream, pizza, burger, or any other type of food that comforts you, eat it and feel better in an instance. It can also be considered as a self-care practice that helps in getting out of a bad mood. You’ll be surprised by how fast your mood changes after eating. 

6. Talk About Your Issue

Whenever you feel like you’re in a lousy mood, talk about it to someone you are comfortable sharing your feelings with. Talking about what makes you upset can take many burdens away from your mind and help you process your thoughts in an organized manner. Having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone helps a lot in such situations. Whether it’s a short call or a face-to-face conversation, talking about your feelings will make you feel. Much better than just piling them in your brain.   

7. Reward Yourself

When in a bad mood, remember that you can be your most significant support.  So, do things for yourself. Take yourself out for lunch or dinner. Buy yourself a gift. Just do something that reminds you that this is just a phase, and you will not always feel this way. Doing things for yourself will help you in acknowledging your own company and lifting your mood. 

8. Exercise

It might sound like a boring idea, but you will feel that stress lift once you indulge even in light physical activity. Exercising can help you take your mind off of all the things contributing to a bad mood. You will have that time to yourself, plus you’ll be burning those stubborn calories along with getting rid of the bad mood.  


It is imperative to treat a bad mood to get out of it as soon as possible. These methods will help you in uplifting your mood and notice the positivity around you. Accepting that you have a bad mood and then working on making it better is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Uplifting your mood is also a kind of self-care practice that is very important to keep your mental health in check. You can also track your daily activities from the best meditation apps available in IOS and android for download and access.

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