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Burnout At Work – An Alarm For Employers & Employees

Even after being one of the most common issues, the term burnout is not something that most people are aware of. Not even the ones who experience it regularly. If you feel powerless, disillusioned, and drained due to relentless tension, you might be on the brink of burnout.

Burnout at work is a neurological reaction to persistent workplace tension that is marked by symptoms of fatigue. Burnout is not as intense as stress, but it is much deeper than the latter.

Work Burnout not only affects your mental and physical health, but it also severs your professional and personal relationships. It is more akin to feeling exhausted -the pleasure drained out of career and family time. It reduces the interest and passion towards work and personal relationships due to the exertion and anxiety hanging all the time above your head.

Even though it starts at the workplace, it follows you everywhere. It can make you the target of various health issues. That is why it is very important to consider it a health issue and seek solutions. 

How To Recognize Burnout At Work? 

Burnout is not something that happens all of a sudden. When the stress, anxiety, exertion, tiredness and pressure gets built up to the point when you cannot take it anymore, you are on the brink of burnout. It is the compilation of days and days of feeling all these emotions without a break.  

If you feel incapable, burdened, or unmotivated most of the time, you may be burned out. 

Its symptoms are not visible initially, but it gets more complicated and frustrating when you don’t consider it. Some signs of being burned out at work are listed below: 

• Physical signs include reduced strength, repeated infections, fatigue, and body aches.

 • Lack of sleep, energy and concentration along with cynical behaviour.

• Dissatisfaction in various aspects of life.

• Being frustrated and irritated most of the time without any valid reason. 

• Feeling detached from everyone and everything around you.  

• Consumption of drugs, medicines or alcohol to avoid such feelings.  

• Being socially detached and feeling like a failure.  

• Becoming more and more of a pessimist about everything.  

What Causes Burnout? 

Burnout is frequently caused by extreme work. It will affect anybody who gets overstressed and under-appreciated, from the diligent office employee who has not taken a break in years to the flustered stay at home mom balancing teenagers, household chores, and other family members. Following are some common causes of burnout: 

• Not getting the deserved appreciation even after working harder and harder each day.

 • Being confused about career or personal choices and stressing all the time about them. 

 • Having conflicts in managing personal and professional lives.  

• Sleep deprivation, improper diet and degrading physical health.  

• Being bullied or criticised by fellow employees or a senior. 

How To Treat Burnout? 

After getting the appropriate knowledge of what burnout is and how it affects you and your life, it is crucial to take some steps to establish balance and peace in your life again. This is the point where you need to initiate changes by self-analysis of your condition. 

The live life app can be of great use for such times as well as helping in improving the quality of your life. From audio recommendations for mindful meditation to guided techniques that lead to better life quality, the live life app helps you to become the best version of yourself and thrive at all times. Guided meditation can treat burnout very efficiently.

This app includes audios specialised in treating all your issues related to burnout and wellness healthily and sustainably. It includes programs aimed at a variety of issues, including pain management, body image issues, weight management, practices to help quit smoking, practices to help battle insomnia and so on.

There are numerous methods and techniques to treat burnout and improve your situation; you need to take a step and ensure that you’re moving forward, even if at a slow speed.

What Can The Employers Do To Avoid Burnout Among Employees?  

As the main reason for burnout is work pressure or environment, employers must pay attention to dealing with the employees to avoid such situations. 

Encouraging workers to have a mental health day under increased pressure or busy schedules will alleviate awareness questions. Establishing common expectations for employees ensures that staff know what to plan and increases employee participation. Management must ensure their workers are not exposed to excessive workloads or lengthy, lengthy schedules regularly.

 Leaders can pursue guidance on maximising efficiency, handling workloads, collaborating as a team, and completing tasks more efficiently. Remote alleviates the burden of time management for staff. Employees will respond to the mark if they are encouraged to perceive hectic circumstances as challenging rather than a hazard.

The competent employee-manager relationship, like family relationships, may be the basis for a good organisation, driving teamwork, providing job development, and, ideally, relieving organisational tension rather than being a cause of it. 

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