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Expressing Our Feeling Freely

It’s not easy to express your emotions. It differs from situation to situation. One time you’re cheerful and want to light fireworks, but it’s pretty different when you’re upset and can’t seek the ideal words to express what you’re feeling. Having feelings, thoughts, and emotions is as normal as having hair on our heads, and sharing these emotions is as important as water for our well-being. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of whenever you feel a certain way. Every thought and emotion has a  reason for why it occurs, and it is prevalent among a massive population. 

We all have desires to interact with each other in some form, which is a significant way of living for human beings. That’s how we figure out ourselves and how we find logic and meaning in everything around us. That is why we must share ours and listen to others’ feelings. It is critical to express your emotions to someone because they can assist you to the best of their abilities and begin to analyze what you are going through. 

How to express our feelings

Sharing emotions helps to communicate about the state of affairs that caused the issue. That way, you’ll be able to find out how the problem arose and what you need to do to resolve it. Positive feelings are lifted when people work together to solve problems. Or else, the issue may persist or aggravate,  negative emotions may regrow, and both you and your connection will pay the price. Experiencing feelings in a safe environment can make us feel more associated, particularly with friends and families.  Understanding how to convey emotion thoughtfully is essential if you want to feel connected to others and keep your relationships going. Here are some ways that may help you in dealing with your emotions and sharing them with others. 


Acceptance is the most simple yet crucial step towards opening up to someone about your emotions is first to accept them yourself. How can we expect someone to understand our feelings when we haven’t accepted them as they are. To comprehend you’re feeling, it is important to accept their arrival. We all have days when we feel different most of the time. Hence there is nothing to be running away from.  

Recognizing the causes 

Every emotion that we feel has a trigger. It is vital to notice what caused you to feel a certain way.  The reason for your feelings can be a person, place, or thing. People, situations, and places are frequently associated with strong feelings. If you identify yourself emotionally disrupted by specific causes, it may be worth ignoring them whenever needed.  

Self-love is the key

Many people have the misconception that sharing your feelings makes your week. Instead, it shows that you care enough about yourself to take steps for your well-being and reach out for help when you need it. Practicing self-love will give you a sense of empowerment and control. Remember that your emotions do not describe who you are. They are just passengers. Let them come and go. There is no need to deny your feelings. All you need to do is simply learn from them and then let go.  Practice self-love and keep your overall well-being in check. 


Sharing your feelings is not limited to just a person; instead, you can use a journal, diary, voice notes,  anything that you can yell your feelings out to. But, in the case of confronting a person who is why you’re feeling a specific type of way, you must consider the odds of what might get down.  

Once you’ve determined what you’re experiencing and what’s not working for you, you must decide what you’re seeking when expressing your emotions. You don’t want it to be just an enraged allegation, no matter how satisfying that may feel. You’re sharing them to effect change and improve a situation. So, before pursuing anyone, consider precisely what might make the situation worse. 


There are a plethora of multiple ways in which we can prefer to discuss our thoughts and feelings with others, as well as a multitude of distinct advantages to doing so. Communicating our emotional responses allows us to connect with others, relieve our anger and frustration, and frustrations, and obtain support and encouragement when we need it the most. By expressing our feelings with others, we acknowledge that we cannot offer all of the comfort and support, and refreshment we require for ourselves. We should build relationships with someone to live the joyous and happiest life in the world.

Even if there are times when you are just not ready to communicate your feelings with anyone, it’s incredibly crucial to remember that beating yourself up for such emotions will not do any good. Instead, it can worsen the situation even more. Be the friend you need at such times. Each time you speak up to protect yourself, you are learning something new. If you aren’t prepared to stand up for yourself every time, don’t waste that growing experience. 

Always remember, you are not alone, and these emotions are temporary. Everything will pass, and you will get back to being yourself in no time. Just be patient with yourself and follow your heart. You do not need to stick up with a person or situation just because of some fear. Forced relationships and friendships are of no good anyways. So, if anything tics you off and deteriorates your mental health,  it is better to let it go. You are not responsible for taking someone else’s negativity to avoid being lonely. The people who genuinely care for you will stick around no matter what. So anytime you feel overwhelmed or enraged, recognize the reason and stay away from it in the future.  

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