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How To Become A Better Morning Person

Having the ability to wake up early each morning is probably the dream of every person. Even though sleeping late feels tempting, being a better morning person has its own benefits. We see people around us who wake up early every morning, and we instantly presume that they overcome the struggle of waking up early each day. But this may not be true. Many early birds often refer to waking up early as a habit and not a struggle.

You might have heard a million times how great it is to wake up early every morning. But even after several attempts to become a better morning person, the obstacles seem impossible to tackle. Becoming a morning person might be because there aren’t any obstacles in the first place. The things that we see as obstacles are the habits that we cannot give up. Here are some practical ways that may prove to be helpful in your journey to become a better morning person.

Maintain A Nighttime Routine

Having some activities planned before going to bed and repeating them daily until it becomes a habit is a great way to start your sleep. It can help you get rid of all the stress and fatigue of the day, and you’ll have a pleasant sleep. This will also ensure that you go to bed at the same time every day, which is a great way to start waking up early and making it a habit. You can include the following activities in your nighttime routine:

• Reading can be a great way to end your day. It provides you relaxation and takes your mind off of work or any other stress.
• Journaling may sound cliché, but journaling is proven to be a very effective way to make waking up early a habit. It helps you keep control of your day, and you can track your progress all along.
• Meditating before bed can reduce mental fatigue, provide you a sense of calm and sound and pleasant sleep.
• Doing a little stretching before going to sleep will remove the physical exertion and tension built up in your body throughout the day. You will get sound sleep and wake up without any fatigue. This will make it easier for you to jump out of bed and get on with your day.

Manage Your Screen Time

The amount of time you spend on your phone or laptop, or television plays a significant role in defining the sleep quality you get. Spending hours and hours in front of these devices can disrupt your sleep and cause many other health hazards. It causes even more damage before bedtime. When you put yourself to sleep, it is essential to stay away from the harmful rays emitted by these devices at least three hours before bedtime. Limiting your screen time will help you get more exposure to other things happening around you. Avoiding such devices before going to bed can also provide you with sound sleep and cause no disruptions during the night. You will be able to wake up early without any fatigue and carry on with your day.

Sleep Early

Sleeping early will help you get sufficient sleep and allow you to wake up early without feeling lethargic. Start by waking up early one day, without sleeping early. Doing this will automatically make your body tired and ready to log off early. The next day, you’ll wake up earlier but with the same amount of sleep. Sleeping early is a great way to get proper sleep and still wake up early in the morning.

Include Exercise In Your Routine

When you incorporate physical activities into your morning routine, you allow yourself to stay energetic throughout the day. Exercise will help you be more productive, and you will feel the need to log off early. Exercise will automatically cause you to wake up early in the morning. Exercising also helps in managing your stress levels and allows you to have a peaceful sleep. You’ll wake up fresh and stay energized throughout your day.

Make Gradual Changes

It is crucial to pay attention to your comfort zone. When starting to build a habit, take small steps rather than putting too much pressure on yourself. When you suddenly start waking up from 10 am to 4 am, you are more likely to give up soon. Hence, try waking up at 8 am and then make gradual changes in your schedule one by one. This will help you reconstruct your comfort zone to waking up early rather than making it a challenge. When you make it a habit, waking up early will eventually become your comfort zone, and you will have no problem with it.

Be Patient

Becoming an early morning person is not something that happens all of a sudden. It would help if you were patient and consistent enough to finally see changes in your routine and your mood throughout the day.

Try to track your progress and be consistent. It is essential to understand that you are building a new comfort zone for your mind and body, taking time. When you accept and acknowledge this fact, you become even more motivated to become a better early morning person.


The journey towards becoming a morning person seems challenging and stressful. But, as you go on with your little by minor changes included in your lifestyle, you’ll notice that the struggles disappear after some time. When you start seeing results, you will become more motivated to keep these positive changes.

Eventually, you’ll form a habit of waking up early, and all the previous habits that were acting as an obstacle will vanish. These things take time, but they will become a part of your lifestyle if you stay consistent and patient. Keep tracking your progress and when you start waking up early without any fallout, trace your newly formed habits, and you’ll notice the positive changes it brings with itself.

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